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This site was created to sell memorabilia from the famed
PLAZA HOTEL in New York . A home page accompanied by 3 animations featuring the ficticious Mrs. Upton Smythe and her percocious pups in various locations around the hotel.



This site was designed 4 years ago for a magician who wanted a totally interactive site.
Everything in the home page is active.
(it is no longer on line)

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Produced for the Epic Environmental Expo

This interactive, educational, Festive Trilogy
was made for a major upscale mall
in West Vancouver for a sustainable Xmas concept

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Created for a large 'plant and flower "company's 10th anniversary

LIVERace does MoonLIVER
Created as laughter therapy for the Liver Foundation

Conflict Resolution
Commissioned as a learning tool for an HR firm.

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Lesbian Frogs

Drag Pussy

streaming on Qvoices.com
Mommy Where Do Gays Come From?

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